Support Free Content F.A.Q.'s

What is Support Free Content?
Support Free Content (SFC) is an initiative started and supported by RhythmOne, an online advertising company that connects digital audiences with brands through premium content across devices. The initiative is designed to give consumers a choice in how to support their favorite sites and content creators, and help pay for the content (articles, videos, music, etc.) they consume. This may be done through subscriptions, micro-payments, through advertisements, or by downloading our browser extension.
Why was Support Free Content Started?
Historically, content providers and publishers have been financing their businesses through advertising. The rise of ad blocking technologies has drastically impacted their ability to run a successful business. While on the surface, ad blockers may seem like they serve the best interest of the consumer, the reality is that they often make it difficult to maintain a free and thriving Internet. Without ads, many websites and publishers are unable to sustain operations and cannot go on creating the great content consumers enjoy. That is why we created Support Free Content. This ongoing initiative seeks to spark a dialogue between consumers and publishers, and give consumers a choice in how they wish to support the publishers who bring them the content they enjoy.
What are you asking me to download?
Support Free Content provides a simple way to support your favorite sites. By downloading our browser extension, you enjoy an ad free experience, and we compensate the publisher by engaging sponsors you may interact with using search. In practical terms, it provides an option for you to maintain an ad-free experience on the site where the extension has been utilized.
What does the extension do?
The SFC browser extension will trigger a sponsored search page at certain points in your normal browsing experience. The search functions exactly the same as a normal search, but by searching through the sponsored window, the search engines provide compensation which is then shared with the publisher.
Does the SFC browser extension cost anything?
No. The extension is free of charge.
Can I whitelist a site directly in my ad blocker, without using the SFC extension?
Yes. This is very simple, regardless of the service you use. Simply open up the Ad Blocker (or it’s extension) and follow the on screen prompts. We have provided the SFC extension to simplify this process, and to ensure that you don’t have to repeat this process on any other sites that are part of the SFC network.
What does SFC do?
Support Free Content is a service helping bridge the gap left by ad blocking technologies – providing publishers with options to maintain the revenue streams they depend on to continue delivering quality content, while maintaining the relationships with users who enjoy their work. This is accomplished by giving you, the user, a selection of choices that allow you to financially support your favorite sites, while minimizing or eliminating your exposure to traditional advertising.
How does Support Free Content work?
We provide publishers with the technology to detect users that are visiting their site while using an ad blocker, and to then offer these users different methods to support the site and allow it to continue to produce great content. We also offer a browser extension that will act as a permanent key to that site, and any other site that is using the SFC technology.
What data do you collect through the SFC browser extension?
We do not collect, store or sell any of your information. We work with a network of content creators, meaning that if you use one of our browser extensions, you gain ad free access to all participating publishers.
Which browsers do you support and what happens if I access the site using an unsupported browser?
We are able to support all browsers, but only Chrome and Firefox at this time for the SFC extension, with more to come!
What are ways I can support content creators using Support Free Content?
Depending on the options granted by the site owner, you may be able to whitelist the site in your ad blocker (thus allowing ads to be run on that site while you visit), support them through a subscription/micropayment, or by downloading the SFC browser extension.
How are publishers compensated?
Publishers using our product are compensated by ensuring a user either whitelists their site (allowing them to be compensated via ad revenue), subscribes, or downloads the Support Free Content extension, which provides compensation based on users interacting with the sponsored search feature.
How can I uninstall the SFC browser extension?
Uninstalling SFC completely from your machine is easy. Please go to our uninstall page for instructions.
Who do I contact if I encounter issues, or if I have questions?
You can contact us here.

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